Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Public Administration (BcomPAD) is a four (4) year programme  designed for candidates who have obtained a pass in  any two ‘A’ level subjects such as Accounting, Mathematics, Economics, Management of Business, Geography, Food Science, computing and related subjects. The programme intends:

  • To produce a Public Administrator or specialist who can contribute meaningfully to the demands of the public and public institutions.
  • The degree program is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to become effective leaders and managers
  • To impart students with Public Administration skills and other specified business management skills that are highly related to management of economics, sociology ,anthropology, political science and regional planning
  • To prepare students for Master’s degree studies related to Public Sector Programmes.
  • To prepare students for admission in professional Public Administration bodies and Institutions.


The programme is a direct response to the increasing demand for highly qualified Public Administration or sector managers and leaders whop are competent. This is also in response to the need to complement the efforts of other universities in Zimbabwe and elsewhere who are offering similar programmes as a way of improving management of public institutions in all sectors of the economy.


The degree will be conducted on a face to face basis through lectures/tutorials and other various methods.

Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Public Administration (BcomPAD) is a four year programme leading to professional careers such as Administrative Officers, Front line service providers, policy analysts and those preparing for employment and advancement in, provincial or municipal government, social agencies and other public or non-profit organizations.

Four (4) years conventional programme

Four (4) years parallel programmes

Three (3) years block release in-service programme.

To qualify for entry into the programme a candidate must have passed five ordinary level subjects including English and Mathematics as prescribed the faculty regulations. In addition a candidate must have obtained a pass in any two ‘A’ level subjects such as Accounting, Mathematics, Economics, Management of Business, Geography, and Computer Science and other related subjects


Have obtained a National Diploma (complete qualification) in management or any other equivalent tertiary qualifications with Public administration orientation.

NB: Notwithstanding the provisions of the General Regulations for undergraduate degrees governing entry to undergraduate programmes, a student who has passed mathematics at another University or done a professional course with substantial statistical or quantitative components may be considered as satisfying the “O” Level mathematics requirements for entry into this programme.


  • Candidates who do not have the minimum academic qualifications stated above but have a minimum of five years of public sector experience will be considered on case by case basis. In all cases such candidates will either be interviewed, or sit for special entrance test or do a bridging course, all these offered by the university.  This is done to assess their command of English language, numeracy skills and reasonability and to be assured of their suitability for admission to the programme.
  • Candidates who have successfully completed the Higher National Diploma in Management or completed a similar qualification and have obtained equivalent qualifications may apply for direct entry into Part II of the degree programme.
  • Candidates admitted under 6.1 above will normally be exempted from Part I on course –by-course basis.

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The curriculum for Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Public Administration (BcomPAD) comprises of at least forty (40)   courses, including a work-related learning report, continuous assessment at work and a dissertation equivalent to twenty-two (22) credit points. Each course is worth eleven (11) credits.

The student is expected to accumulate a minimum total of (504) credit points to be considered to have met the requirements of the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree in Public Administration (BcomPAD).

Part 1               = 132 credits

Part 2               = 132 credits

Part 3               = 132 credits

Part 4               = 132 credits

Total               =528 credits

HPAD 101 Public Sector Administration I

This course aims to provide a platform for public administration basic skills.  The main focus is on the general administration principles for public sector, planning, controlling, and leading aspects and policy implementation.

HRCU 101 Christian Ethics and Disability Awareness

The course is intended to impart skills on basic Christian and ethical virtues and values as per belief and teaches of the Holy Bible as articulated by the Reformed Church University.  Students are expected to develop a culture of spiritual being as it relates to good moral and ethical practices.

HPAD 102 Local and Central Governance Systems

The course explores on the dictates of local and central governing systems.  The focus is on the theories and practicability of existing models from a general perspective. Governance tenets, procedures and general regulations to be included as critical components of the course.

HPAD 103 Business Communication

The course is intended to introduce the student to the basic communication skills with emphasis on inductions and orientation of students towards effective laws of communication in business environments. An understanding of various channels of Communication, barriers to communication and how these can be overcome, documents found in communication and the smoothening approaches, use of English in a business setting is vital for successful communication processes.

PART 1 SEMESTER 1                           
Six compulsory courses    
Public Administration 1 HPAD101 11
Christian Ethics and Disability Awareness HRCU101 11
Local and Central Governance systems HPAD 102 11
Business Communication HPAD103 11
Public Sector Accounting 1 HPAD 104 11
Introduction to Communication and Computer Application Skills HRCU 102 11
Six compulsory courses    
Principles of Management HPAD 105 11
Public Sector Administration II HPAD 106 11
Introduction to Political Science HPAD 107 11
Labour Relations Management HPAD 108 11
Public Sector Accounting II HPAD 110 11
Public Policy Analysis HPAD 111 11
Six compulsory courses    
Public Sector Human Resources Management HPAD 211 11
Public Sector Economics HPAD 212 11
Administrative Law HPAD 213 11
Collaborative Governance HPAD 214 11
Public Relations Management HPAD 215 11
Financial Management HPAD 216 11
Six compulsory courses    
Performance Management System HPAD 217 11
Intergovernmental Relations HPAD 218 11
Public Sector Leadership and Governance HPAD 219 11
Research Methods and Statistics HRCU201 11
Public Sector Marketing Practices HPAD 220 11
Disaster Management HPAD 221 11
The work-related learning experience is compulsory. Three courses are covered.    
Work-Related Learning Action Research Report HPAD 322 20
Work- Related  Learning Employer’s Assessment HPAD 323 33
Work- Related  Learning Academic Supervisor’s  Assessment HPAD 324 79


Five compulsory courses plus one elective    
Public Sector Finance Management system HPAD 425 11
Strategic Management HPAD 426 11
Sustainable Community Management HPAD 427 11
Project Management PADH 428 11
Training and Development HPAD 429 11
Elective   11
Gender and Development HPAD 430 11
Peace and Security


HPAD 431 11
Five compulsory courses plus one elective    
Ethics and Corporate Governance HPAD 432 11
e-Government and Information Systems HPAD 433  
Fiscal and Monetary Policy Analysis HPAD 434 11
Poverty and Development Strategies HPAD 435 11
Change Management HPAD 436 11
Dissertation HPAD 439 22
Elective   4
Macro-economics HPAD 437 11
Organizational Behaviour HPAD 438 11